Friday, May 31, 2013

Playtest 1.e

Well we actually ran a round of combat and wow big changes are needed.  I understand I set up two uneven forces but wow players executed the opposing force in a round pretty much.  I am going to have to really tone down gun successes and really think more about setting up cover.  The following are comments I got from the plays, paraphrased.
  • It felt like we were soldiers killing off civilians.
  • A shooting success is very powerful you basically always hit with it.
  • You should combine the damage successes and shooting roll into a single one
  • I don't understand how damage and wounds are connected.
  • Crescent Star you are a bad person and smell.
I am listing them so its clear what came out of the game session.  Some I agree with, some i have even called out before.  Some I agree with but  wont change and  I don't think I am a bad person.  Here are some of the problems and action items I personally noticed in play.
  1. My chart for size is reversed so its easier to hit smaller targets, that is just wrong.
  2. Gun damage was way too high. A damage s1 for a firearm is around where it needs to be.  The S4 sniper rifle I had in play was insane and should have been reserved for heavy ordinance.   
  3. Range was too long on weapons.  I think hexes are troublesome too.  I may go to inches and use a yard stick.
  4. Cover train must be used by combatants and needs to be thought out before hand by the GM not just thrown out there.
  5. The players didn't seems to think much of the idea of using damage successes for extra damage.  

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