Monday, May 06, 2013

Internet Sales Tax vs. Internet Sovereignty

I am not one to talk politics much but I guess this is putting my cars on the table.  This recent development of the Senate moving to pass a bill allowing the taxation of internet sales is upsetting me.  This isn't actually about taxation though, I don't want to pay more tax no.  But for me the internet must always exist not as a component of any particular nation. 

In my high minded ideals the internet would always exist as a sovereign nation of thought.  I believe no government should have the right of regulation as it is not within any country but a non material nation of thought.  Someone will perhaps talk about the products being shipped but from one physical place to another or how the laws state something different.

I am not speaking about laws, I am speaking about justice.  The two are opposites.  I am speaking about a philosophy of the being present mind.  My work in this medium is a non physical expression of my philosophy of self and otherness, or more correctly my disregard for otherness.  I do not feel in this place of mind there is a body right and just to regulate.

I am calling for a person of better words to frame a document that declares the internet sovereign, and states a set of rights all individuals must hold within this small world of pure mind.   All individuals whom have created the smallest footprint within the online space must be considered dual citizens of both their physical and this non material nation.

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