Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's you I like

I am for you my friend.  You just you!  The individual that can sit down and tell me whats wrong.  I don't understand when you become a word or a dissolve away into a bigger whole.  I don't want to be a part of a crowd that washes over us and makes us conform.  I don't! I will retreat and fade away if I am to change and rename my thoughts, I will be my own alone. Some of you have marched slow on the ideas that all must hold or they are evil.  Where has it got?  You seem more a commodity to be sold or bought.  And you deem my side is the reason, I have no side I am only me.  Some may sound the same, be we haven't talked to see if we agree, we are all alone in wanting to be genuine to ourselves.  No one wants our flawed ideas to take root and sicken your shallow little family.  But you I believe in, just you as the uncategorized chaos you can be, that I confidence in.  Be the wild chances and conviction for idea great that the self.  Well not greater than the perceiving self, but the dimmed diminished self that walks through the halls and agrees for fear of sit out obtuse and wrong.  The one in the crowd that shouts down anyone who seems wrong.  It is you I like.

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