Monday, May 13, 2013

Playtest 1.a update

Hey all I am busy working on stats for the playtest.  I will also work out a flow chart for easy play, my own group play test will include a few pictures and something of a battle report.  I have my phoenix command and twilight 2000 books out and sitting by my bed for work on this project, so you know I am serious.  This first batch of rules may be far from perfect but will allow me to set up something of a base line.

I am thinking Damage per the two game systems and caliber for the Damage number and taking phoenix commands 20+ penetration number / twilights 2-3-nil value for special armor penetration.  This will allow you to only spend one success to get armor defeating.  Range will be represented in hexes and value for the effective range of the weapon, meaning you will be able to shoot beyond that but the would be better off doing so with a different firearm.

I am also thinking of going with an aim rule that simulates what is happening in phoenix command.  Maybe an aim chart per weapon type.  That will be more of an advance rule though.  For now aim will be the same across all weapons and probably follow Fibinochi.  The advanced version will have pistols quickly hitting a solid aim number then remaining there.  There is also the thought of a single chart with different types of weapons with a bonus and a max aim value. 

  • So with fibinochi at 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 a figure of  fib +3max5 would give you, a starting aim of 2 and a max aim of 5.  The +3 being the 3rd value in the sequence and 5 being the 5th.  But as I have state in the past this is meant to be when the level of detail is needed to simulate second by second firefights.
For the playtest aim give a linear bonus straight up the number line with every multiple of seven giving a success.  This will be continued through three waves of combat.  Then we change to using only the odd numbers from the number line.
  • example 1,3,5,7,9 which will double the speed of aiming.  I am trying to figure out the sweet spot that feels right here.  I feel like the odd numbers are more right.

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