Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Campaign Seed: The Goblins of Parra part 4

A few more dealing with the early stages of the Hordes growth.

Title: Horseflesh
After the establishment of a home,Guirrzek has tasked the group with gathering food for the tribe.  The party know of some wild horses in the area and head their way to gather some horse meat.  Upon arrival they encounter a group of Kobolds with similar ideas.  This is not meant as a seriously scene of conflict but more a comedic one where both group prove rather inept.  The skill checks should be difficult for the party and some wild planning required.
Skill Success:  The team gain 10 gold of treasure from the Hordes current treasure.  The Clan eats well and are Guirrzek remains in high regard.
Battle Success with acquire of Horse meat: As above but the company also gain a map of the area and location of the Kobold Lair.  Kobold attack becomes possible.
The clan goes hungry and 1 warrior is removed from the total horde strength.

Title: Goblins stole my baby
Story: After the success with the horses Guirzzek requests his favorite meat human baby!  The farm house you visited early on in the quest was heard to have a crying child and the party are directed there
Stealth Success:  The team gain 20 gold of treasure from the Hordes current treasure.  Tribe stealth increase again
Battle Success with acquire of baby: Party is awarded a 5 gold item but warned of their actions.  Threat increased by 10 , but tribe battle skill is increased
Failure: Next treasure pay out reduced by 5 gp.

Title: Cross Town Rivals
Story: Kobold lair is located and Guirrzek decides to deal with competition.   The party are tasked with rooting out the clan.  Two light combatant goblins aid the party in this goal.
Battle Success: The party deal with enough of the Kobolds to send the rest fleeing.  They are able to claim 75 gold of treasure from the Kobold's treasure that is now the goblin hordes.  This warren can be used by the clan as a well defended structure.  Threat increases by 10 in a season when word reaches other factions.
Failure: The kobold's have a 10% chance per season of being overtaken.  Since most monsters do not value the warren there are few who care to deal with them.. Dwarves would kill them outright and leave the warren for subterranean creatures to over take.  Similarly a dragon may take the kobold's on as minions and the warren would be left.  Finally exiles from the Goblin Horde could also be found here.

Title: Watchtower
Story: This can play anywhere into the story. Dwarves have taken over an old watch tower on a hillside.  They seems to be sending out parties to explore and map the area.  Guirrzek worries this is a forerunner of expansion and wants them taken out.
Battle Success: The dwarves are defeated and 500 gp of items are added to the horde.  Many are adventuring items but there are several high quality axes and a high quality crossbow.  Threat increase by 15.  This structure can be used as a home that is highly defensible.
Failure: The dwarves are probably not going anywhere, but there is a 5% chance they will be overtaken and turned into undead by a necromancer.  Defeating them undead or alive has similar rewards to the battle success

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