Thursday, May 23, 2013

Campaign Seed: The Goblins of Parra part 5

Another post for the Goblin's of Parra campaign seed idea for you. Some of these occur after a home has been established

Title: Elven Hunting party
Minimum Threat: 30
The Clan has established a homeland and are growing.  A major outside threat has encroached on their lands with a hunting party of elves killing goblinoids in the area.  Guirrzek send the party to track and murder the party at night.

This should be a small group of perhaps two green warriors and one tracker leader.  They should be equipped with elven armor, short swords, dagger and bows.  They will have 120 arrows between them.
Stealth and Murder success: 65 gold is added to the treasury as are the armor and weapons above.  Clan is upgraded in stealth.  Threat increased but 15
Battle Success: 65 gold is added to the treasury and armor and equipment.  Threat increased by 15 and the clan is upgraded in battle.
Failure without attacking: Elves go on attacking goblinoids.  There is a 25% this will trigger the Gathering of the Tribes plot point with the elves being the major point of conversation.  There is a 10% Elves will attack the goblin home with expanded force.
Failure to murder: 20 gold  per victim is added to treasury as is a portion of armor and weapons.  The Elves flee and the area is quiet until next, non winter, season.  Elves then return with stronger force 20% chance elves attack goblin home.

Title: Goblin Hood
Minimum Threat: 1
Story: A goblin in the clan is noted for his skill with rocks and slings.  If party pass along a bow
Skill Success:  Clan archery skill is upgraded, twice if elven bow.
Failure: No change

Title: A Gathering of the tribes
Minimum Threat: 35
Story: Guirrzek and clan representatives are summoned to a gathering of local monstrous leaders.  The is a roleplaying session with heavy use of intimidation, bluffing and wits.  There is no battle option as players are meant to be part of mixed guard retinue.
Skill Success:  Clan is left alone by other humaniod groups for a year as their respect is earned.  Goblin Market opened to clan.
Failure: Clan is required to deal with an external threat without further resources.  Goblin market is opened to clan after they successfully deal with threat.

Title: The logging camp
Minimum Threat:50
Story: Bumbling loggers Marty and Sherman are captured when they try to cut down trees in the Goblin's Territory.  Guirzzek is concerned that more with come either looking for the pair or intruding on the goblins area.  The party is to take the pair back to the logging camp and barter for their return.
Skill Success:  Clan is left alone, threat is decreased by 10, and clan increases diplomatic value.
Battle Success: The mill and logging camp i s going to be a real challenge.  There will be at least ten men armed with axes to defend the camp and mill.  The camp has a cache of axes and digging equipment along with a sum of 400 gold that is added to the goblin treasury if captured.  Threat increased but 10.  Clans battle rating is increased.
Failure without attacking: A search party is sent out who will attack the goblin home.  If this is defeated increase threat by 5 and another more battle hardened party attacks the goblin home.  This continues until the logging camp is dealt with
Failure to murder: Some of the loggers flea and word gets back to the logging companies investors.  They send out a full party of adventures to deal with the area.  They will have a 25% per season of attacking goblin home.  If killed threat is increased by 20 and a second party is sent, they are of seasoned adventures.  If they are dealt with add 10 threat, but the attacks stop.

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