Monday, May 20, 2013

Goblins of Parra part 2

A couple more seed ideas for the Goblins of Parra idea I suggested on friday.

Title: Mudwallow
Story: The goblin clan has moved past the human farming lands and found there way into the wilds.  They have found there way to a stream they hope to cross.  They have wound their way to an old bridge but it was under the control of an Ogre who calls himself Mudwallow.  The ogre is a hopeless drunk and tasks the clan with getting him some beer from an inn located on the main road.
Stealth Success at Inn: The ogre lets them on their way and even shares a drink with Guirrzek.  Mudwallow can now be hired on as muscle for the clan with the prices of a few casks.
Battle Success at Inn: The party gain a fair share of loot and enough booze to outright buy the bridge from Mudwallow.  The clan will gain 20 sp a month in tribute for control of this resource.  Threat is increased by 5
Murder Success (Mudwallow): Clan gains control of the bridge and four local goblins are attracted to the clan.  These are scout they goblins who are nominally armed but combat trained.
Failure: Clan must fine another route of passage into the wilds.  There is a 20% chance per season that Mudwallow is defeated by others.  This will complicate the hordes progress as anyone able to take out Mudwallow will be a challenge.  This opens up the story challenge "The Rivals" when threat is reached.

Title: The Stranger
Story: The growing horde have stumbled on a human traveler while traveling the wilds.  This can take place with the part encountering the stranger on their own or the horde while looking for their new home.  The identity of the stranger is variable. On a percentile roll 1-33 is "The Ranger", 34-66 is "The Noble", 67-100 is "The Dark Druid".  Each function differently

The Ranger
Diplomacy Success: Ranger goes on his way and alerts others of the Hordes location.  Increase threat by 5 and the horde is attacked by a party of rangers at 21+ threat.
Murder Success: Clan gains rangers equipment which includes a high quality bow and a magic dagger.  No threat is increased.

The Noble
Diplomacy Success: The noble goes on his way and speaks of gentile goblins in the woods, threat decreased by 1.
Murder Success: Search parties are dispatched.  Open up the story "The Search Party" and move directly to it.

The Dark Druid
Diplomacy Success: Clan finds Druid is sympathetic to Guirrzek's view of wild.  Druid is sometimes adviser to clan and aids them in taming of wolves and wargs.
Murder Success: Clan gains druids equipment which includes a high quality staff and potions of health.

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