Monday, May 06, 2013

Kickstarter: Cartoon Action Hour Season 3

Well Cartoon Action Hour is making a return via KickStarter and I wanted to point this out as something you may be interested in.  This system has been around for some time but now is coming back for a third revision.   I know I have thought about picking it up from time to time as I just think it sounds fun.

If you haven't checked it out it is the game of Saturday morning cartoons.  The primary focus is American cartoons in the 80's but it has been known to hit some of the 80's import japanime cartoons.  Here is a link to the Kickstarter to get a better feel for the project.

In looking over the stretch goals it looks like the Avid View $10 pledge level will get you everything that comes out of the project.  That is a pretty fair price for a PDF and a ton of extras.  Their is potential for about ten or so mini series books depending on how far the kickstarter goes.  It has already hit the production of the main book and a couple of stretch goals.

The biggest goal for me is the $17,000 target that unlocks other decades of cartoons of the game.  All Venture brothers fans are going to like something about 60's era cartoons.  Shoot if they hit the modern adult swim comedy block that would be perfect.

I am pretty broke right now and I just bought Phoenix Command/Living Steel books so I am not jumping on this yet.  If I see the stretch goals being unlocked I probably will go in for the Avid Viewer level.

A side note, my favorite shows of this era were the filmation Blackstar show, which was the precursor to HeMan.  Man I loved me some Trobbits as a kid.  I was also down with Thundarr the Barbarian and Dungeons and Dragons.  We also got a couple of Japanese shows here in the Bay Area on the Captain Cosmic show.  Battle of the Planets and the Star Blazers show.  What were your favorite Saturday morning shows?

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