Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Roleplay game Playtest 1.c

Well here are the characters i have worked up for the play test I have been working on.  I broke them into three jpegs, mainly because I don't know how to set something up so you can download it through blogger.  The characters are not really anything statistically.  I took ideas and tried to semi work them out into stats.  But for the most part I am using different stats to see if they work or not.

The names come from on of my favorite shows as a kid, Tour of Duty.  I used it because I am using older weapons.  If I can connect with Barry Nakazono or Lester Smith perhaps I could get Leading Edge and GDW to work on modern firearms.  Until then I am using old stuff so sort of a vietnam theater seemed to fit well.

Some of the guys do have concepts like knife guy and pistol shooting LT so please look at the stats.  I am sure I will have updates after tomorrow night. I am trying to get everything in place, I even glued some green army men to hex bases and have a roll out map. Still feel like I am last minuting this thing like everything else I do but here is for hoping.

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