Friday, May 24, 2013

Campaign Seed: The Goblins of Parra part 6

Here is another round of story points for the Goblins of Parra

Title: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
Minimum Threat: 65
The hordes strength continues to grow having faced outside threats but now a less concrete threat is approaching the goblins home.  A forest fire seems to have sprung up out of nowhere and is threatening the entire valley and hillside. Guirrzek has plans to hold out in the creek to the south but it is a days march to a point that can contain the horde safely.

The party are to serve as a vanguard and deal with any threats ahead of the main column of goblins.  There will be at least on encounter with orcs trying to escape the fire.  This can be dealt with in combat or diplomacy.  Animals are less likely to attack but large spiders remain aggressive and will attack the party
Non Combat Success with Orcs:  No threat or treasure, orc are aware of goblin horde now but will remain away for at least four seasons. They have a 25% chance of attacking thereafter, this is increased by 5% per season.
Battle Success with Orcs: 65 gold is added to the treasury and armor and equipment. 
Battle Success with Spiders: no result
Failure with dealing with Orcs: Horde and orcs hold up in fire.  Goblins become better regarded by orc's on dealing with fire.  5 Goblins are lost through.
Failure with dealing with Spiders: Horde end up with 1 death and one incapacitated after pushing through spiders.

Title: Burnt Offerings
Minimum Threat: 65
Follows the forest fire story point.  As the clan clean up after the fire they are attacked by burnt undead in the form of woodland animals and monstrous humanoids lost in the fire.  Party is sent do deal with these and investigate the source.  Many other groups report the same attacks as those the goblins faced.  They seem to be directed.  Finally it is determined there is a necromancer working in the area as signs in the forest indicated dark magic.
Noncombat Success: Party gain 5% to the next loot award.
Battle Success with Orcs: 65 gold is added to the treasury and armor and equipment. 
Failure: Attacks continue, after a season of attacks a gathering of the tribes in held to deal with this threat.

Title: The Necromancer
Minimum Threat: 65
Either through the Burnt Offerings story point or other means party determines location of  the necromancer.  They are tasked with bringing his head back.
Battle Success with Orcs: 1,200 gold is added to the treasury and armor and equipment. Much of this magical.  Clan's magic rating is increased.  Threat increased by 15.
Failure: Attacks continue, If the necromancer flees he will find another base of operation and continue attacks from afar.  

Title: The Exiles
Minimum Threat: 75
A group of goblins have petitioned Guirrzek to allow them to set up a far watch point on the grounds of a tower that was once held by a necromancer.  Word had come that they group has taken to the dark arts.  Guirrzek does not allow this and demands them cast out, the party is sent.
Success: Goblins are driven out without significant killing.  Party gains 200gp from treasury
Failure: Guirrzek sends another party to deal with the problem in disgust demanding 50gp of treasure returned by each member of the party.

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