Friday, June 21, 2013

Movie Review: Electric Purgatory

Hey everyone I checked out a movie called Electric Purgatory:  The fate of the black rocker.  I wanted to share some thoughts.   The movie is good on what it covers but it seems to leave a bit out.  You get a bunch of folks interviewed form Fishbone, to Vernon Reid and on to Doug Pinnick.  Which is all well and good but the biggest and most well respected name in black metal is completely omitted.  Also Some of the newer black artists in the metal genre are not represented either. 

I am of course talking about Phil Lynott when I talk about black folks in metal.  Even Hendrix does not hold the importance of Phil in metal.  I was listening to Jail Break and Don't Break the Oath last night.  Its amazing how much of the guitar work and song structure is carried through into Mercyful Fate.  The list of metal acts who have covered Lizzy is endless and they had a fair amount of success during their own time.  It seems odd to not even mention them. 

Some folks I think should have also been on the video are Howard Jones, Katon De Pena and William DuVall.   Katon has been around but the others are new folks having some success in metal and hard rock.  I think they represent perhaps a change.  I guess it could be said that those artist are the only person of color in a white band, which is also true of Doug Pinnick and Rocky George.

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