Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jasper Rickel

Byron's words were right.  My dog my baby boy has left me and words are at a loss for what to say.  They are all for the outward and other.  They can't say anything but loss, which isn't what I need to say.  There is a missing abscess in me that feels like the unpleasant cavity in an over big strawberry.  Which seems meaningless but is just what I feel.

Before my friend I was broken and he fixed me a little so I was nearer to right.  And now I am left with being less again.  No uncaring golden joy abounds making things right.  No slow wagging tail thudding on the couch in the morning.  No love given without holding back for fearing pain.  I have lost the one thing keeping the broken together.   Now I am all oxidized muselet and muzzle breaks.

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