Thursday, January 10, 2013

De Profundis: The Reservation

My Fellow Gentlemen

The next morrows journey was surprisingly pleasant.  The narrow rail trolley system that travels from the city center to "The Reservation" was enjoyable.  Once disembarkation had completed we were given a tour of the various therapeutic processes available.  Primary of concern were Dietetics and a well developed physical culture followed by hydrotherapy and several more invasive cure-alls.  The dedication to physical well being was of particular distress to my composition.  Even rudimentary exertion proved exhausting.  According to the Kellogg system this is desirable, but how could such torture be?

Other practices appeared equally barbaric, electro-convulsive therapy and the cold water treatment primarily so. It was while inquiring into sulfurous baths we first were given word of Lavinia.  Much of what was said was scandalous.  She seems to have given herself over to the life of the libertine save for caring for Mary D'Este, another of Crowley's entourage.  Yeats indicated the involvement of D'Este more in keeping with nature of the incantations caste requirements. Lavina may have once desired to perform the rites but her more carnal of nature arose.  Many of the guests and staff attested to here advances, gender being of no matter.

Mr. Yeats and I were able to observe D'Este from afar, the large cafetorium provided us both distance and anonymity.  From our point of vantage we were able to detect both Miss King and D'Este.  They maintained a diet a fruit, nuts and seed from what we could discern.  Again Mr. Yeats made careful not of every point.  The dietary crackers and flaked corn was not of my liking; I called for sugar and gave the sample a heavy dusting.

Before retiring home bound we tipped our man handsomely and directed he pen us of Lavinia's further conspiring.  The mention of yet another reward arrived at his immediate confirmation to the request. As Ovid mentioned Gods and Men all can be bought.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reich

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