Friday, January 11, 2013

Sci Fi story part 10

"Look the power and movement seems to be driven from this side." Park pointed toward cables running from both turrets and patching into a broken open panel just beyond the door.  "I will cut the power supply that should halt both."  The snips were made and life was immediately drained from both of the turrets. "Sort of ingenious, hydraulic movement.  I am not sure what is tracking targets" Klein offered after a short examination. "Probably some sort of over heard camera system they appear to pretty indiscriminate.  I think triggered by motion alone." Park returned.

Klein crossed the cat walk to the opposite door. "We are free to op -" "Those were not keeping us out those were keeping something in, the gun was trained on that door." Bendix stated in a grim too.  Klein was only able to give a worried look at the door he was about to open.  The door burst open with a man hurled himself through.  His skin cream white and heavily muscled though fat; he was built impossibly sturdy.  He was on top of Klein in an instant, flailing arms in crude and ponderous blows.

Bendix was the first the first to act. his heavy re-bar baton striking and catching an upraised arm.  His blade speared the attackers forearm once the baton controlled it.  The man growled in pain and turned red feverish eyes to Bendix.  His free arm battered the shepherd in the kidney just as another blow from baton crashed down on his neck.  The sound was sickening a crack and sinuous release.  Bendix was nearly in shock from the heavy fist that collided with his body and coiled into a ball; retching nonproductively.  The opponents eye were only fright as his breath and movement failed him.  He passed with a heavy cough of blood.

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