Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sci Fi story part 7

Park remained silent and agitated while Klein filled the holes of the conversation.  "What have you packed?  I may have missed something important that you remembered."  He didn't leave much time for a response. "Blankets, Clothes and tools for the most part right?  We will have some food but I think we will be able to track down basic food processors during the walk.  I am not saying it's mom's home cooking but we won't starve.  I have my wrench if things go bad, I'll whack em in the skull."  Park remained silent until that.  "Bendix will be with us, you shouldn't worry."

Bendix had not arrived and the guide was tending to other preparations.  Park and Klein were left trilling with nerves.  When Bendix did arrive he was quiet but showed his apprehension.  Park smiled when he saw him but Klein was the first to speak. "Bendix are you ready?  I have Blankets, clothes and my tools.  Do you think we will need anything else?"  "Luck!" was Bendix only reply.  "Well and food."

"That is taken care of!  You will each carry a fourth of the ration, I will lead us along water supply lines so that will not be of concern.  There are a few areas of conflict, these we will avoid with a long detour. We will take care to resupply before parting normal travel routes" Said Naeliim returning from his tasks. 

Bendix eyed the traveler measuring him up and down.  Neither Klein nor Park would notice the blades the guide hid but Bendix made careful not of them.  He paid attention to scars and mended clothing all pointing to conflict.  For himself Bendix relied on a length of re-bar and a small knife. These would be used in tandem to block and control his opponent the knife cutting at the attackers hands.  Bendix was also armed with a heavy concussion thrower, a rifle of sorts that hurled a brick sized rubber shell.  The intention was to knock out a foe without damaging the ship, it was a common weapons though rounds were often difficult to come by, or rather propellant hard to come by.

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