Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Sci fi story part 4

Bendrix nearly growled at the haggard looking man entering the encampment.  "attaching ourselves to scum as this one." he muttered low in a tone half hoping to be heard and half afraid it was.  Bendrix had hoped himself a braver man than he was, but had proven himself dedicated to his lessons as well.  Determined to best his own nature but often faltering in the quest. 

Dedication decided Bendrix would escort the two journeymen, a path the wiry man would not have chosen for himself.  The camp secure and conflicts were few.  Bendrix was not a man hoping never to challenge himself but rather one who accepted and was content with the quiet moments as well.  Aware of the slow movements of things and content in them.  Some few called him shepherd that too he was content with.

But this wanderer was something the shepherd eyed with caution, worrying of wolves. Bendrix would prepared instead of greeting the guide; concerning himself with the base chemical propellant, house Gera'had long ago perfected.  Bendrix had much of the mixture on hand but looked for some excuse to busy and detain himself.

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