Monday, January 07, 2013

Sci Fi story part 6

It was a number of days before the two survivors would wander back into camp.  One would quickly expire to burn wounds the second was only pained by sparse chemical burns.  Roche was able to easily treat and apply a new weaving of skin.  Application was delivered through a heavy aerosol that applied a fluid lattice across the wound.  Shock was delayed by stimulant patch.  The delivery of medication was made simple, which was a boon for Roche who primarily concerned himself more with the analysis of disease; treatment was always a secondary concern for these doctors.

The survivor was named Makaber, one of the saltier members of the crew. "They waited on us somehow knew we were coming." There was a little accusation hidden in there.  "Burst the lime tanks with some sort of modified concussion round.  The pressure sent it everywhere got most of us.  They were on us in the confusion."  Makaber to the story in a flat empty baritone.  "We tossed all our gelled magnesium and got them burning  though!  I cracked open a few on my own then cut through the rest.  Didn't pull out until we got rid of the lot and dropped the Calcium power on every one.  One grabbed me I limed up my own arm!" Makaber gestured to a wound Roche had recently healed. " No captive to speak of , I regret!"  Though there was no regret in his voice.

Roche was disappointed he had some blood for examination but a live sample with immunity was more desirable. The pair would move on and continue their work finding their way into another company or working back to the Hold far to the head of the ship.

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