Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sci Fi Story part 9

The detour started with traveled halls, but turned to smaller access lines and service routes.  Taking turns into treatment systems that cycled and cleaned water.  There were often nauseous smells of unclean or decaying organics.  At other time the air was nearly unbreathable passing near by some chemical osmosis process that returned fresh water. Some locations maintained this level of recirculation with small machines but the main truck of the travel ways all fed into these obfuscated systems of fluid filtration.

None of the travelers from the enclave would have found these areas habitable.  Food growth was impossible without mature hydroponic gardens.  Here there were not even rudimentary soil beds.  Also the humid air seemed to decay everything not properly treated and maintained.  They were surprise to find the first indication of re purposed automated systems.  Someone felt the area was worth reworking systems.  They would soon find out how serious they were.

The opening of a door was greeted with a strong discharge of electricity coming from the room beyond.  From the doorway they could see an electric turret of sorts was the source of the discharge.  It's position prevented the shock from reaching the landing area near the door, allowing the men to enter.  Beyond was a series of elevated cat's walks that hovered over a wide point in the re-circulatory system.  These walks crossed over the water to another landing and door on the opposite side. 

Turrets were placed on either of the two cat's walks that led across the water, though only one seemed active.  The walk ways were connect between the two turrets forming a massive H that hovered above the sewage and filth.  "Whats on the other door, its like someone tried to nail it shut?" Naeliim asked.  "I think that's the other gun, see the airlines that is some sort of rivet driver modified to throw them pretty hard.  I don't think its meant to swing our way or we would be under fire." Klein remarked.  "we are safe from the welder its has more of a facing arc but not range." Park agreed.

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