Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sci Fi story part 8

The looks between Bendix and Naeliim were often caustic during the early days of the walk. The guide quickly perceiving the others dislike and immediately returning it.  The created a tension the two journeymen did not like.  Their conflicts were often silent and usually expressed in disinterest or good natured competition.  Parks electrical sterile approach against Klein's often dirty mechanical, but both working to the same goal. These other men different on something simple yet profound, whom decides when a community it open or closed.  What was one mans worth if another enters to take a share of resources.  Who belonged who didn't and how was that belonging purchased.

The sojourn itself was pleasant at first, full of new sights and people.  The common halls were often used as traffic ways for commerce between enclaves, so they were not alone.  At times they passed small shops and stands offering up organics.  These were often the indication of an encampment in the area, the growers selling off excess crops on the roads of travel.  Many had strange decoration and wild painting indicating their presence hoping to catch the eye or draw in children.  Naeliim warned to avoid most, there was nothing to fear but prices were elevated to foolish levels.

One the eight day of travel they began to see the crowds thin and the first of the House Gera'had shepherds.  By the ninth there were no travelers to be found.  The group encountered the barricade on the tenth day.  Travel was not restricted but the advice came "Your on your own after this, we are just here to keep the conflict from spearing our direction.  The House of shepherds was not a legal body these men were just concerned folk from the nearby enclaves hoping their homes would not be involved.  Bendix approached the men inquiring into the conflict. "Some times folks just want to have a go at each other, you can't some em" One of the more chatty men replied.  "How far is this tension spread, we need to get around?" "Two decks above, four below. Its not two port below, but center line and starboard are on fire.  Keep your head low."

Naeliim took the news with thought.  Heading sidelong and down would extend travel time, but waiting for the Helm to decide it interrupted functions enough to intervene would be longer.

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