Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Posts coming I have been sick

Hey folks

I have been sick sorry about the lack of posts to quote Woody "Poopy!"

I have been sick playing World of Tanks and Dungeon and Dragons online, between naps and bowls of soup.  I have learned a few things one, time goes fast and there is never such a thing as too much rest when you are fighting a cold with a diminished immune system.  I have a kidney transplant and immuno suppression is a daily activity for me.  Also there are 2 flu shots one is for at risk people.  We are at risk with a transplant and should make sure to get that better shot. 

For my games I learned that flak guns are nice, and I actually like playing a tank with one.  I have been artillery otherwise.  I can actually kill things with my Flak gun.

For Dungeons and Dragons online I learned power leveling is a frame of mind.  Its not something I am totally comfortable with but you really have to rethink what you are doing.   Power leveling is the one and only task you can have in your mind.  My silly insistence in checking for a few named guys for my monster manual was slowing me down and I had to stop.  Power leveling is all about xp per minute.  So adding another few minutes to break boxes is totally not worth it.  But running down a hall to check on a named for a two hundred exp may well be worth it.  With my tome the experience granted for the first runs of elite, hard and normal may make doing all viable.  The final thing i learned , and didn't like, is you sort of need to be a dick.  You can't screw around with a group that doesn't have their crap together.  I am not even meaning that in quests but one that takes forever deciding whats going on or had to wait forever while the members get to into the quest.  You have got to bow out and get rolling in those cases.

Finally I learned that my house is cacophonous during my dogs three pm howlfest.  The husky gets going with her howl then my malinois lab throws in the bass sounding something like a cows moo.  Its insane!

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