Friday, January 18, 2013

Game Review: 7 Wonder Catan Island and my attempt at creating a leader card

Well the gaming of yesterday eve involved 7 wonders yet again.  Needing a 7 player game it really fills the bill, with no tweeking involved.  I ordered a new promo wonder over the internet to keep the game fresh.  It was Catan Island and only cost me $5 off eBay.  It had the card and even an explanation of the rules.  On one side there is a construction phase that can have players forfeit gold to the bank and the other allows you to play an extra Leader (If you have that expansion). 

This new wonder really didn't change the game in any way from what we noticed.  That player was more or less a non leader in the game.  There were many cries from the people on either side complaining that he didn't have resources to buy.  The basic effect of catan allows you to convert two of any resource into any other so it allows the player to build without a lot of resources.  Also the player is fond of the yellow card so doesn't often have brown or gray resources.

The funniest part of the evening came when I tried my hand at inventing a leader card.  You are given a blank leader with the expansion and are encourage to create your own, so i did.  I decided to have the leader cost 4 gold and could swap a military failure for a military victor with one of the players on either side of you.  I have wanted more cards that screw over your friends in the game and I figured that would do it. Boy did it ever! 

Per the protestations of the player that had this inflicted on them "that's a 4 point swing!"  This player would have ended up winning the game with four more points so I had to laugh.  He would have had 70 points and ended up with 66 so I really don't feel that is to terrible considering the high points totals.  But it gave me a laugh.

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