Thursday, February 21, 2013

3D Doodler and gaming

Ok I am sure you have seen the video going around the internet for the 3D doodler.  All I have to say is wow amazing.  You look at it and think ok, wow cool for artists but what is the average Joe gamer going to do with it?

Well if a future version can give us a more control of the line thickness this will essentially allow us to model 3d objects on the fly.  Our Hex dry erase mat enters the third dimension!  Cover rules and line of sight rules instantly change with this thing.  The randomness of a bush giving you a miss percentage may need to turn into over watch and pinning cover rules.

Tactical Role Playing Games like Iron Kingdoms become instantly more attractive with this nifty little pen.  Who needs landscape pieces if you can just draw them.  Crap for something like Pathfinder who needs miniatures when you can just draw them?  With full scale 3d printing miniatures become obsolete if a 40K army is created from the push of a button.  But here if you need a one of giant or figure draw it up. 

I would like to know the strength of a completed structure using the pen, say making an army man.  would this thing fall apart or last some time.  Is there breakdown in the plastic?

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