Monday, February 04, 2013

De Profundis: A visit over breakfast

My Fellow Gentlemen

All dreamers awaken someday or fall headlong into the precipice of the world dreamed.  I wonder where it is I have strayed.  The day was most kind in its welcoming me, a light meal and warm nectar.  My skin warmed by the morning as it uncurled itself across the lands.  I in my chair and evening cap idle but for this reverie to the dawn. 

This simple moment of solitude would be short won, as I first aroused from the joyful moments by the swaying of the gate.  The gate of the steps was quick, seeming that of a woman.   Of this I was correct as Miss King appeared whilst I scraped butter across my bread.   The smile was diplomatic and determined that I was wrong on some account, but could easily be pointed back to the narrow way.

Here words were kind but protested how I had things vastly in error.  My alliance was a foolish one setting me astray.  While I had been correct on many points, I wronged the side working for light and goodness.  Mathers' himself feared the work they toiled at, as it would indeed weaken his position.  The selfish always stand to lose when some work for the great good of all.  Many of the points were applied with some logic and I was left to my breakfast with a gnawing pit with my stomach.  One food did little to calm.  Had I been wrong in all this?

Yours very Truly

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