Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sci Fi story part 12

The pair slowly worked their way forward, moving carefully along the catwalks.  The water flowing below wretched and foul, moved venial back to the sanitation works central to the ship. It was several hours of low light before the caught sight of something brighter.  An Emergency strobe marked the bulkhead of some sort of substation, this would take them out of the waterworks and return them to occupied areas of the Formorian.

Makaber was the first to enter, assuring the security of the substation.  Investigation proved several systems were tied to this branch of the ship.  Full hydro electrical control of twenty decks of the Formorian could be orchestrated from this location.  Evidence also suggested the persons they were following had passed this way.  Fresh rations were discarded here and there.  There was also signs of re purposing of electrical and water systems.

Roche made note of the half eating food, retaining samples for examination.  The rest burned for safety!  The pair soon pushed on hoping for a near buy emergency clinic.  Supplies would long have been looted but Roche felt chemical and biological cleaning was in order after this near contact.  He feared this was a strain of the lamia virus, resurfaced in more virulent form.

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