Thursday, February 21, 2013

A look at a Kickstarter for Interface Zero 2.0

I have recently been amazed by what is going on in the Kickstarter space for games.  Being friends with miniature gamers I most often hear stories of hundreds of minis for a fifty bucks or some other amazing deal.  If you look over on Jon Regal's DakkaDakka forums you will see tons of postings about board and miniatures Kickstarter projects.  I haven't been to interested figuring myself a dedicated Role playing game player, until now.

While attending a convention I stopped in on a seminar for running a kickstarter for table top RPG's.  One of the products that kept coming up was something called Fate Core by Evil Hat.  Apparently this was a project that shot through the roof and made well beyond their funding target.   There has been speculation that two factors helped contribute to the success of the game.  First off their goal levels provided a great value.  Even at a dollar you got a draft pdf of the game.  The second factor was stretch goals!  In Kickstarter projects you can offer stretch goals which are extra funding goals that usually provide extras to all or most backers.  In the case of Fate Core they seemed to have hit a critical mass where they were offering so many extras that even folks not interested in the core product were swayed just by the extra books they would receive.

Another project that seems similarly interesting is Interface Zero 2.0 a modern take on the cyberpunk genre that is run through Pinnacle's Savage Worlds system.  If you are like me you will have noticed many of your old 80's cyberpunk near future books seem a bit dated.  The technology of today is beginning to catch up to that described in those books.  This is a modern take with a dash of transhumanism.   The big thing that interests me is the number of extra material they are now offering with contribution.  They are offering pdf's of source material for all sorts of locations.  All the extras are really making the project appealing to me and perhaps you.  I mean 15 bucks for the digital fan boy edition is not a lot of cash for all the material they are giving you.

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