Friday, February 01, 2013

Sci Fi Story part 11

Makaber drove his weight into the door, finally swinging it freely open.  The smell of blood and refuse rushed to meet the pair, both wide eyed beneath goggled masks.  The re breathers aspirations muffled Roche's cries of , " NO, NO, No, no, what happened?  How is he out?" The other man walked inspected the body and began dumping a fine powder on the remains.  "Not just out, Dead." "Fuck! Dyper risked too many of us to get the sample, now its expired!"

"Expired? No, that is wrong.  Look at the throat and arm, defensive wound and killing blow."  Roche looked up at Makaber, "Your right, the lines to the counter measures are disabled.  That would indicate unprotected exposure to the virus.  Do you see any indication of their route, Makaber?"

Some minutes of searching turned up little but a few threads clinging to the bolt of a shut off valve. "They seem to have taken to the water heading up stream, you will want waders if we follow" 

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