Monday, February 25, 2013

Products I would kill for: Original New York Seltzer
Man I have a big time craving The Original New York Seltzer today.  You many not remember but this was the king of 80's soda culture.  Available at every frozen yogurt shop around.  It came in all sorts of flavors but raspberry and vanilla cream were the best.  I think you see something like grape and strawberry in the picture. 

It disappeared along with synth pop in the mid 90's with a small return to Big Lots as cast off one liter bottles.  The owner now has a wild animal casting business for hollywood, oddly enough.  I wish he would sell the recipe and let someone else have a go with the product.  I am ready to drive a couple of states over for a taste of this nectar of the gods.

Until this happens I am left trying to reinvent the taste with flavored dirk syrup and an old style soda gun.  It drives me crazy as I have no idea and just want the recipe up online.  Open source soda is the way to go.

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hellomcflyy said...

I found a few cases of unopened New York Seltzer - orange and peach - I can't vouch for the contents - but they are sealed....