Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A plea for comments

You know if you folks want to comment that would be great.  Seriously , I am happy for any feedback.  If you want me to write more on a particular topic or less on another.  If you want to let me know I suck that is find.  If you from DDO and want to let me know how crappy I played Svegrund in Cabal for One last night I am cool with that.  If you are from World of Tanks and want to let me know I am a noob; I agree.  You can tell me I am a wuss for playing arti, its ok I just really suck at everything else.   I am really open to any feed back.  You need a topic let me know about your favorite Dungeons and Dragons character or the best concert you went to. 

My favorite character was a human paladin back in first edition of the AD&D game.  I inherited him from a guy named Rocky who was really not great at playing a pally.  He was named Thomas of Paladaria which seemed a bit goofy so I renamed him Thomas Strongheart after the Dungeons and Dragons action figure I had just got.  The campaign was really fun there was a war that we got to participate in and a who big quest with silly things constantly happening to us.  It would probably seem juvenile now but for being a kid it seemed great.  I got to use a sword of sharpness on a type 5 demon it was very mondo and fun. 

I have a couple of favorite concerts.  One was Dio opening up for Iron Maiden at the shoreline it was a few years ago but it was really fun.  Dio was fantastic really sort of stealing the show, he was just so awesomely Dio.  Seemed super happy to be there and genuinely loving each and everyone of his fans.  Maiden was great everyone knows they do fantastic shows.  The combination was perfect.  The other show was the first time I saw Testament.  It was in concord at some little bar, I want to say bourbon street or something like that.  It was a great intimate setting to see them and they were awesome, Testament are one of the most solid trash bands out there.  Really it should have always been the big 5 but Testament was a little slow to the punch not releasing a record in the seminal year of metal 1986.

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