Friday, February 22, 2013

Scifi story part 13

After an hour in the dark light their wandering was rewarded.  Industrial stations were often situated near places of treatment, this one included emergency chemical showers as Roche hoped.  He ordered Makaber to bath while he burned the outer layers of their clothing.  Roche felt odd in just a contagion suit having become accustomed to the stained white gown he wore like a tablard.  Makaber seemed to relish the increase ease of moment as he worked.

The grizzled man packed gunpowder and shrapnel into the scatter shot end of his fighting staff.  He had discharged the weapon in the battle that had taken most of his company.  Driving the deadly end into one mans gut and releasing the blunderbuss to tear at the innards with glass and screws. This was the prescribed weapon of the House viri, Makaber had laid down other weapons when he swore himself over.  Though every so often the old warrior wish for a ballistic or stout axe.

In this time Roche had found a line of the old pneumatic tube system.  The system carried lab samples to the central laboratory the House viri now inhabited.  There was no assurance the line still worked, but perhaps a message might just reach the intended hands. 

"Superiors, we travel following individuals whom have had unknown contact with the Lamia virus mutated along RNA UUGA.  A subject of the pilot haplotype was restrained in early onset of the virus.  These individuals encountered and culled the subject in mid stages of the infection.  Subjects appears to have exhibited increased levels of aggression, as data presents as common, and attacked the individuals.  At present was know we are following more than a single person but exact numbers are unknown.  Presence of virus is unconfirmed but contagion patterns suggest infection.  We continue onward.  Please augment numbers and fresh supply of combat expendables. Roche."

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