Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Table top gaming essentials

Woody at gucomics had a pretty funny post about monsters getting a +2 smart phone bonus in Dungeons and Dragons games.  It gave me a good laugh since this problem is plaguing my group.  Though with us it's harder as it's laptops which hold PDF's and character sheets and whatnot.   I am not a portable guy I never have been.  My video games are all home consoles I have never had a portable system and feel its important to whom I am.  Actually I think it goes farther than that going to something of a family trait, we Rickels are travelers.  The process of the sojourn is key to us, its like a curse befell our house and we became jenische.

But back to gaming.  I am ok with a phone ringing or being used to snap photos of things happening around the table.  It's when videos and streaming becomes the focus that the game grinds to a halt.  Being a dick I have come up with a solution that deals with the heart of the mater.  A Faraday cage.  No connection means no interest and in if its in a box there is not temptation until that box opens.

You can build something out of wood and mess like the picture above but there are several solutions.  An army surplus ammo can is fantastic.  A foil wrapped shoebox also works, I think even a heavily duct taped bag will do.  Cut the cord my friends physical books are way easier to use than PDFs you can flip through em.

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