Friday, February 01, 2013

Game Review: Apples to Apples

We gave something called apples to apples a try.  It is a car matching game were you try to come up with the best answer card that represents some description card.  There are several version of the games, some for kids others more adult.

The basic idea is you are dealt seven cards to choose from.  Then there is a player that is the judge who flips over a description card.  Each player puts in one card as their response to the card.  The judge then decides which is the best answer.  The winner gets to hold onto the description card.  The judge title rotates to the next person.  The game is won when one player has four description cards, ie won four hands.

The game seemed good for a mixed audience or party game.  I think it was a little light for our group of players who are used to a more involved or rules heavy game.  I think the subjective natures was lost on people at times who wanted to argue for the right answer, when sometimes the judge liked the fun answer or just sort of liked one answer over another .

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