Monday, February 25, 2013

A look at a Kickstarter for Laughing Moon: The Ragged Man Adventure

I wanted to take a look at a Kickstarter for something called Laughing Moon: The Ragged Man Adventure.  The product seems to have a nice look and feel for fantastic horror, with compelling art.    This is the project I like to see come up in kickstarter, as it does not appear yet another D20/Pathfinder setting.  While nothing is safe in the gaming world those products feel like they are playing it safe.  Going out on a limb and doing your own thing or reviving an old system really are the projects that I root for.

So I really encourage you to go take a look at The Ragged Man Adventure and think about funding it.  It's not going to be one of those systems that hurls a ton of pdf books at you for backing them at the basic level but you can get the adventure and core rule book in PDF for $20.  That doesn't sound too bad of a bargain to me.

The guy seems to have a few books already available on his website, so I think he has at least some sort of track record.  Also supporting the little guy with these small projects always feels good.  Now lets hope for a Dark Conspiracy Kickstarter.

Update:  This project has funded and is moving close to hitting its first stretch goal, which would make the twenty dollar purchase seem sort of cool.  I cant say about the game itself i haven't checked it out yet.  But I would guess it is somewhat narrativist.

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