Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August and Everything After

I know its not very metal to be a fan of the Counting Crows but I am too metal to lie and say I don't. I have all of their records! I have their back patch on my denim jacket.

August and Everything is the first record from the band and the one most people know. I really enjoy the record but find Recovering the Satellites to be a better work. It may seem odd to review a record that was so popular which is why my review will focus on the non single tracks.

Most of the non hit songs are decidedly down beat and somber. The possible exception is "A Murder of One" which it's had some minor airplay. This is in contrast to Mr. Jones which was almost insipidly poppy. It's almost funny how different the record is to the one big hit.

Omaha I would take a song about growing up in a somewhat bad situation. Its a solid song.

Perfect blue buildings, Anna begins and Time and Time again have a lot of loss in them. They seem to be calling out for someone without answer.

Sullivan Street is my favorite of the Crows songs on any record. For me, and perhaps not you, it has the feel of solitude and late night drives. Missing something not finding it but still keeping up the search. Going to place that you know have changed but you keep returning hoping to find it back the way you remember it.

Ghost Train and Baltimore have an almost western feel. I get sort of the store song vibe from these. A little bit like Marty Robbins.

This is a favorite album of mine I would consider it a desert Island sort of record. I hope you give it a listen if you have only hear only the hits. I think the undiscovered songs are the best on the record.

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