Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Metal than You

I am not sure but I may be done with The Bone 107.7, and the reason is Madden.  I can't really believe I am saying this but he is worse than Lamont and Tonelli.  While the morning show staff are hackneyed Madden offends me on a visceral level. The term constantly springing to mind is Poseur. Paul Baloff would cream this creep.

The bone has been in a slide for years, really since Billy Steel left the air.  Under Larry Sharps, cooperate schil, deft hands the station slowly threw out the format that made them special in favor of a more generic AOR format.  Really they have returned to the format KSJO held prior to their format change.  This slide has continued under Derek Madden's guidance, only more so.  Listening today I found something truly generic, bland and soulless.

The problem with Madden is he seems a neophyte to the classic rock genre.  As an on air personality he comes off clueless, with utterly boring and wrote comments on who he considers paragons of the rock genre.  This certainly isn't metal!  One should know what has come before and understand where it all came from.  Thin Lizzy, UFO, Beckett and Deep Purple should be well known bands by any Iron Maiden fan.  Madden seems a product of the modern rock genre.

I have stated this before but I could easily see a station coming up and using The Bones old format, do put them out of business.  Just use the KOME call letters and you have a built in fan base.  Play something that hasn't been drilled into my head for twenty five years and you have another.

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