Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Krampus part Eight

Krampus walk home hungry and confused and mad and angry. And it drizzled looking any minute to rain, and the hole in his sneaker was a pain. He walked on mumbling with stomach grumbling, peering in windows for bad children to eat.

Some streets were sad and shabby and the people weren't christmasy but rather crabby. Christmas wasn't always fair where money wasn't in the air. The monster took caught a bus scaring off all the people and making a wild fuss. Making way to the side of town where the kids and wallets were plumply filled.

Around the houses Krampus crept like a cat but none of the bad kids were big boned or fat. Only grisly spoiled brats chauffeured from soccer, piano and tennis. The only porker was kind and jolly, A delightful little fatso named Pauly. Krampus would have to make do with a scrawny back talking bastard or two.

Down the chimney no not his style he kicked in the door with a smile. He told the parents what he was about and usually they handed the truants over without a shout. This time was different this time was fun dad fought with Krampus and told the kids to run. It was odd pops had such moral fiber when the kids had none. Krampus ran off from the fight, laughing and cackling into the night. Children were good but sausage was too and Harry's Hofbrau was open almost til two.

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