Friday, August 12, 2011

Signal to Noise ( My trouble with HD Radio) part 2

I guess I should follow up my post on HD radio with a little bit on Kfog, in the interest of being fair. Kfog just as a conventional radio station broadcasts on two frequencies in my area; 104.5 and 97.7. The 97.7 channel has its broadcast towers here in the south bay.

For the HD 2 station the signal is good and I don't have those annoying buffering moments I do with other stations out of SF. The content is there 10 and 10 rebroadcast. I guess that can be interesting if you get a year you like. If not then you have ten songs to wait through.

In general I don't really thing this HD thing is going to catch on. Its nice to feel that you are in a secret club that gets to hear something few others do, but that isn't going to go very commercial.

Also to be honest I have trouble finding regular stations that play music I like. If the music isn't succeeding on normal radio why are they going to keep playing the music on another radio station.No listeners and already struggling for content really doesn't give me hope.

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