Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cellcept + Prograf = Get your flu shot

Sick again! It has been a bad year for me on the illness front. This is caused by the immune suppressant medication I take for my transplant. This is one of the side effect you have to live with after organ transplant. I have been lucky most of the time and have been much healthier than my seemingly regular immune system having wife. This year has been bad though, I seem to get every little stupid thing and they wear on for far longer than they have in the past. I am beginning to think it was my missing the flu shot, It normally feels like a waste of time. I seem to get the same winter season illness with or without the shot. But maybe it helps with the spring and summer bugs which are the ones I am getting this year. I also have cut down on my soda, as crazy as it sounds I think soda does kill off much of the mouth and stomach bugs I would have gotten. So the moral is if you have an organ transplant don't be stupid like me get your shots.

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CrescentStar said...

And just today 10/30/2012 I got my flu shot this year. I am advised the Stanford kidney clinic to get one early year. I grabbed one a few minutes ago to make sure I don't get so many late season problems this year.