Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh have we got a video?

Well I logged my first video bug recently. It was a pretty interesting experience. The developer was looking for more information on the issue and asked for a video specifically. It was nice as it clearly displayed my exact steps. There are a few bugs that even solid duplication steps are not enough so I can see places where this will be a nice tool.

I used camstudio to do the recording, after finding some comments saying it was the tool to user for this sort of thing. It was surprisingly easy to use after I figured out how to set the region I was to record. I was even able to use my microphone for something other than video games. I was able to provide narration that called out everything that was happening on screen.

The one major draw back with this is the .avi file size. You are going to need to zip anything you record if you want to send it through mail or upload it anywhere. I made the mistake of just uploading it to a site and it took forever.

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