Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Krampus part seven

Looking at the Lights and tree, Krampus noticed and remembered as he looked at the family. On the children he had even laid an eye but the parents he had seen days long gone by. He last saw them as teenagers but he visited them as tots. Their families kept Christmas but here they did not? But why the tree and presents had there been a mistake? He would have to talk to Santa to see what he could make.

It took three buses and some walking to get to the Mall. Then Krampus waited and waited for Santa hiding in an employee bathroom stall. Sometime after close he hear a grim groan and Santa took the stall next to krampus for his own. With a few bangs and a knock the monster gave Santa a shock. With quiet and whispers Krampus told the tale. Santa was silent then promised to look into it without fail. With this Krampus was away, he was lucky the real Santa was in this mall today.

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