Monday, August 01, 2011

Krampus part six

Krampus crept and slid out of his yard, a swift hulking shadow stopping only to open the gate that was barred. Silent as Santa but twice as grim he moved as a monster three times as slim. Down the street well away form lights and finally stealing way into the night.

His bag was filled full with a big bundle of sticks. He would leave them on ill mannered kid's door steps so their parents could give them a few licks. He festooned switches with candy and little toys to soften the blow. But the message was clear for any kid to know. A christmasy warning to mend their way or else he would visit the night before Christmas day.

Krampus was the strong hand to Santa merry laugh. He would give out coal or whippings to kids on the wrong side of the list. Sometimes he could eat ones that really made Santa pissed.

But Krampusnacht was for warnings and mild mischief. He seemed to know those who didn't keep Christmas, It was sort of a gift.

A few streets over the Barries were the sort and a house without lights deserved some sort of retort. The old man was lazy but the kids and family was pretty good. So Krampus decorated their house himself, the brightest in the neighborhood. They even won a lights and display contest. Krampus had done his very best, hoping the Barries would decorate next year and the rest.

The monster was very busy the rest of the time. Beating on bad children's windows to set them right. Rounding up gangs or drunks to wassail through the night. Lone left out teens were hired to help in the work. They were dressed up like Krampus and told to harass shopper at the malls. Even whip and grab maidens if they had the balls. Christmas was for adolescent punks Christmas was always meant for all,

To the end of the night Krampus came upon a house that wasn't on his list. Not good not bad how were they missed. Krampus let alone those who kept other ways, only Christmas was his. But the house had a tree so he peered in wondering who it could be.

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