Monday, August 08, 2011

Used with conviction

I don't like showing off what I have, I mean buying something is not very hard. But I recently purchased an airsoft pistol and the experience wasn't as easy as I expected. My cousin and his son were talking about them a I got interested. They were talking about a sale big five sporting goods had going on, which I decided to check out.

The guns they had at big five looked like toys. They were Crossman spring guns in clear plastic. Obviously I was pretty unimpressed and decided to not make a purchase. I sort of put airsoft out of my mind until I saw a store alone the freeway called Airsoft Extreme. I stopped in one day and wow they have some very cool stuff. Going into the store I really had my eyes opened.

There are all sorts of guns, with different firing systems. Spring pretty much sucks, except in the crazy sniper rifles they had in the stor then its great. There are battery powered gu, co2 guns. And there are green gas blow back guns which are cool. They pretty much work as the real gun would simulating recoil. This is what I decided to go with.

I purchased a WE high capa 1911 pistol. I also looked at a 1911 by KWA I believe, it felt much better in my hand but not sixty five dollars better. Especially after firing the WE which was really fun. I really like the close simulation of the actual pistol. And that I can't kill myself with it, I consider this a plus. Working in software QA it's always a concern.

Searching around I found you can shoot airsoft at the range on Metcalf. Thought you probably will be mocked fiercely. Also there is a bay area airsoft group and a place you can play at called area48.

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