Monday, August 22, 2011

Crescent Star Progressive Rock score card 9

Silly Love: This was sort of my reaction and tribute if you will to hearing Daniel Johnston's song from the Fun album.  I recently watched the movie the devil and daniel johnston and learned about him there.   It was a really good documentaty I really recommend.

The Metal: This comes from the pick of destiny soundtrack by Tenacious D.

Shadow Self: This comes from Kevin Gilberts Thud record.  I think I was getting at a past or second self here.

Cuz theyre more than meets the eye: Is a line from We care a lot by faith no more back when they had chuck mosley on vocals.   I have no idea why I used this as the title really.

Sad wings of destiny: This is the second of Judas Priests records. I think I liked the idea of destiny as everything is speeding out of control but not crashing at this point.

They call me the working man:  Obviously from Rush's first record.

Ladybug's picnic: Comes form Seasame street and was written by Bud Luckey and Donald Hadley

Head Games: Is the title track from Foreigners third record.  I really just wanted something with game in the title lol.

Sleep Come on me soon:  This is a line from david gilmours so far away from his first solo record.

Toy Soildiers: comes from Martika's record, i think she only had one.  There are no songs about painted pewter miniatures that I know of so this had to do.

Bytes break into bit: You should know my love of Rush by now.  This is a line from the body electric off Grace under pressure.  An underrated record as all of them are awesome.

Used with Conviction:  This is a line from Hallowed Point off Slayers Seasons in the Abyss.  I was just looking for a song about guns, saturday night special by lynrd skynrd would have done just as well, but i like metal.

Signal to noise:  This is a song off Peter Gabriels Up record.  It also is what I find too often on my HD stations

Too many things are evident: This is a line from Iron Maidens Infinite dreams.  This is on their Seventh Son record, their most progressive record.

Tyr:  I was sort of getting at the viking metal band from the Faroe Island here.  Just trying to go with a viking them.

My Last Attack:  This is a song by Holy Grail off Crisis in Utopia.  These guys are great and give me hope for metal.

Colorado: This is a song off of Flying Burrito Brothers self titled third record.  This was back when Rick Roberts had vocals for the band.

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