Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another tale of the Beltinovites

The halls of Galliv curled and spun on geometry sacred and obscene.  Miles of stone once marvelled, ruined and now still yet unrebuilt.  When the Beltinovites would wield empire this was it's seat; now more a prison.  In years of their reign the Beltinovites made slaves of Aron Ve'ja and Cazz'it alike.  They were the slaves that built these hall on who's back rule was weighed.  This has long been overturned, Beltinovites now hold up safely in Galliv; seldom journeying beyond sight of the city.  Here is safety and of course the great library.

Books were the heart Beltinovites bled from.  The library was central and most safe of all Galliv keep.  Stacks swept circles that helix'd in depth and height.  Everywhere lounged the wise drunk in learning, much as sloth.  Though one was hurried and worried amid these trappings of the learned.  Cobius Baco Gervis waded behind a cart collecting discarded tomes and tending to waning lights.  Cobius tender and keeper of books was high among these many readers.  His eyes were not met and sounds duly ignored.  It was strange when he was called down from stacks, worse still the harker only a minor adept magus.

Cobius eyes envenomed with scorn found the magus, though lightened at his sight.  The Beltinovites' eyes were wide in terror an skin convulsed still white.  "A man, no a thing, call upon us. Its questions would be for you, I have no knowledge of what it speaks."  Curious enough Cobius followed somewhat weary of intrusion and change.

Pushing aside the maroon drape Cobius Baco Gervis small steps drew him into the waiting hall.  His large eyes glared from his bulbous head upon something new.  Taller than an Aron Ve'ja it stood though thin and stooped down near eye to eye with Cobius.  It clutched a shawl, palid as dead flesh decaying from a wound, spidering blue veins awash under the skin.  Silks wound tight over much of its flesh, as if spun about not woven and worn.  What of the creature shown threw as coal dark or blotches of healthy pink flesh.  Lips and flesh did not seem to product about its mouth, just wild grinning and chattering teeth.  Though the eyes; the eyes had been cast over in skin. It's hunch was aided by a staff on which some strange homunculus of eyes perched; long tendrils merged staff and beast. To this Cobius Baco Gervis faultered in trying to speak.

Cobius knew of the breading of living tools, it was the Beltinovites that first took up the art, but this.  This was beyond even his dreaming.  He would dwell a moment on the blood coursing within it's shawl; finally drawn from amazement by the blinking of several eyes upon the staff.  "Seek you no evil here Monstrosity, magics here could turn blood to wood dust and flesh to straw. I have no understanding of you, and I wish it!" Cobius cast from a voice that echoed with a chorus of minds not his only his own.  Cobius had little idea what the being conveyed but would guess amusement.

A chattering rasp came forth both growling and whining. "I only seek the location of Hesod's Grace Hold, a prison in the latter years, you will have maps..Yes?"  "I believe though it will take time and transcription more.  Barctia Oil will eat of the sand plates to create a reverse image which you may take in a days time." "We shall come again next day." hissed out the beast, which lurched to its full height and left.  This was to Cobius' relief though he was nagged by the thoughts that it would return and the unanswered question "What was it."

The next morning he camped in the waiting hall, transcription bound safely.  Hours passed singularly, until as a spectral creeping shadow it returned.  Drawing the plate back into his arms he bartered "Of what races are you, who burdened you with these abominations of flesh." There was no answer for enough time that Cobius realized there would be none.  He finally passed the plate to the beast.  I turned leaving only with "We are the Hesodicur."

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