Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A story of dialysis, gencon and gary gygax's dice part 3

Reno was our first stop, not to gamble but there was need.  Americas biggest little city had a dialysis unit; which I needed.  Being Large my run would be five hours with little fishing for my vein. I hoped Brian and Derek wouldn't find any trouble.

Dialysis is a pretty much the same everywhere you go.  Weigh in, to see how much fluid they need to take off.  Wait for your chair to be vacated and lines replaced.  Sit and the tech feels for your vein.  They wipe you down with some brown goo that is a bit stronger than Alcohol.  Next you are injected with Lidocane for the pain, it burns too so what the fuck.  Finally they get the big needles in you. Those lines I mentioned before feed through something like a pool filter and back through a pump; which returns your blood to you.  Your circulatory system pumps a fair amount out, then the return motor gets switched on.  A lot of your blood is outside of your body at this point , so you get cold.  Aiding the blood flow they add a blood thinner called Porcine into the mix; you taste spam when they first shoot it into the line.  This isn't pleasant, I guess they have a cow option for Muslims called Bovine.  Then you fucking sit there. 

They usually have television the good units let you control the channel.  The bad units play from a central VCR.  I once sat through a Danny De La Paz film festival.  Most sleep, I never could with the constant blood pressure readings.  You were allowed visits but none long enough for a D&D game.  My wife would bring me doughnuts and wait for me early one.  It was hard on her, really it was too hard.  I eventually asked her not to come; I couldn't take what I was doing to her.  In reality she was still crying just at home instead of in the waiting room.

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