Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Crescentstar's "John Waters" movie challenge

Stolen from there if fixed it .com Its just what I had in mind!
I recently watched "This Filthy World" by John Water's or at least bits of it.   I don't know why but I sort of like Waters, he knows his stuff.  I learned the keywords to look up for a whole world of alternative cinema.  I am speaking specifically of Four Walling and Road Show Cinema distribution.  It reminded me a bit of the William Castle inspired Matinee.  I think Hollywood should give this sort of thing a try again, if they are going to ever get a fresh idea.  We saw something similar with the original Paranormal Activity of late.

What I am proposing is a challenge of sorts.

1. Make a movie and Roadshow it.  You are free to get it into theaters if you like.  You are also allowed to four wall should you wish.  You can even go with a no wall distribution tour of back yards with a sheet and a projector.

2. Add content with each screening day.  Create new content for the roadshow with each day of screening.  This comes from John Waters thought exercise of filming a movie and having it in the theater that night.  I don't think it must be a movie but a short subject could be possible.  If taking William Castle as the example you could go with alternate in theater gimmicks ala percepto.

3. Document Screenings.  Get some sort of friend or production assistant to do documentation of the screenings.  Post online for others to see.

4. Make a Profit.  If you can make .01 of profit you are eligible. This will encourage Kroger Babb and Castle type antics to get people to actually see it.  Go on the radio.  Canvas the area in a car telling people the movie is coming.

5. (optional) Plan a stop in San Jose, California.  That way I can come and see.

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