Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gamers Clique

I recently found a new video game store down the street from my house called Gamers Clique.  I have to say these guys are pretty cool and I want you to check them out.  They are new so they don't have the biggest stock like 4 Jays up in Pinole, but they are worth a look.  The guys running the store know their shit unlike a lot of places and the prices are very fair.  I have purchased from another local store Game World and felt like I could have done better on eBay.

The big reason I am writing about them is they actually do some repair and evaluation of the games.  This is huge to me as I have purchase some bad games from Space Cat in the past.  They do clean up of all the contacts on their Carts and actually do some fixing of disks.  I am not sure of that process they had a little machine.  What I am really stoked about is they do replacement of the 72 pin connector for your NES.  There is no place that does that here.  I didn't ask about composite video conversion for Atari systems, but that would more than I could imagine. 

Here is a their location in the shopping center on Santa Teresa and Blossom hill.  I want to make it easy for you to get there.  Good people who know their product and do repair, they have really won me over.  I hope they do you too.

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