Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heavy Metal and Hard Rock references in Dungeons and Dragons Online

Being a fan of both Dungeon and Dragons online and Heavy metal, I have noticed a few in jokes that are part of the game.  I wanted to present a few for players not so fond of metal.  If you know of any others references please let me know.  jameslrickel@gmail.com

Rainbow in the dark: Well this is a reference to the Dio song of the same name.

Trial by Fire: Is a reference to the Testament song off The New Order

King Bendix: The end boss in a Cabal for One comes from Kim Bendix Peterson otherwise known as King Diamond.

Edward the Flesh golem: from Fleshmakers Lab is a reference to Eddie of Iron Maiden.

Elyd's Edge: has a Rush quote in the description of the item.

In the flesh: Is a reference to a Pink Floyd Song.

Running with the Devils: Comes from a Van Halen song

Schenker: The rare scorpion king in Ataraxia's is named after the guitarist of the Scorpions.

Fear Factory: This is the name of an industrial metal band, I saw them in Sac in July (HELL).

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