Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Cameos a poem inspired by Scott Walkers writing process

Ok I don't know about this, I am trying a bit different writing process.   I am trying to work around the time based nature of reading.  In film and writing you don't every apprehend all at once, as you do in art.  I want to do something where you get a picture all at once.  My thought was the "Cameo" of repeated words in the blocks of text.

Some of this comes from my no understanding Scott Walkers approach to lyrics.  He uses blocks of words and then assembles them.  I don't get that!  I sort of think of it as saying well i will need these few elements to say what I am going to need to say.  Then Abstractly writing on those topics.  Then taking those fragments to make a whole.  

Here I did not do that correctly I took my four theme cameos and wrote them.  It was basically linear which was not what I was going for but it was a start.

Daylight comes early
daylight breaks fate
None hidden in daylight
Come daylight I await
Reds arise through you
daylight. Color. Hate.

You end with Harvest
dear reaped little seed.
Harvest took all need
souls aligned in harvest.
With winter's stealing
Greed. Offer up harvest.

We're only sacrifice
against your lost sacred.
Sacrificed blood spilled
for sacrificed dreams.
A lamb led to slaughter
for Sacred halal frith.

Silent our decay
in fields left to rot.
the once bountiful
harvest, decays waste.
Found a sacred morning
Daylights mortal decay.

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CrescentStar said...

I completely understand this is not whats in my mind. There is a picture of four antique framed portraits in my head. They are laid out in the pattern of a square. And I can see them understanding they are all individuals but they speak as a whole. Then when looking at each separate I can see further meaning. I am not sure how to write this way, to speak a meaning in a glance.