Thursday, May 24, 2012

Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind record review

Piece of Mind is one of those records you know is great but if you don't give it a listen from time to time you forget just how great.  When you come back to it you get this damn that's good, feeling.  It just rocks hard and face melting but in an eerie intelligent sort of way.  for me this has always been Maidens high water mark.  This is such a solid record but it also has an contemplative nature.  You can hear the band looking for the next sound. 

While the record is perfect from track one to end, its Revelations that has always floored me.  Its very mystical and Dungeons and Dragonsey.  You don't get this English fantasy feel until you hit Bruce's Chemical Wedding. 

Everyone knows the trooper rocks and its hard as anything.  But, its also inspired by The charge of the light brigade. It's this kid of stuff that made me get into the writing and reading business.  Rush and Maiden both doing songs about Coleridge's poem's made me say OK I'll check this guy out.  Metal saved my life!

Another personal favorite is Still life.  Its dark and powerful and overlooked.  I love this song.  There is a bit Nico does with the drums that is just great.  I never get excited by drums he has me up in my seat cheering at this bit.

Most of the remaining songs on the record are rockers but similarly on dreamy subjects.  The flight of Icarus is mythological.  Die with your boots on take prophecy into hand and Where eagles dare is based off the movie. 

Finishing off the record is to tame a land.  Who sings about Dune?  Iron Maiden does!  You are going to be hard pressed to find something nerdier than this, perhaps Blackamoor's Knight playing at a ren faire.  But its a real deal metal song that sounds good. 

All in all its the best.  It even has a great pun title that is always fun in metal.   And I have 6th row seats for their show here in August.

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