Thursday, May 17, 2012

Casting thoughts for Season 3 of A game of thrones ( A storm of swords)

Philip Glenister
Having written a bit on A song of Ice and fire, and needing a topic to write on.  Here are some thoughts on casting for a Storm of Swords.  Some are actors I like and would just like to see in the series, but are appropriate for the part.

Phillip Glenister:  I originally thought he should be Davos but with that role filled I think he would also make a solid Mance Rayder.  He was fantastic as Gene Hunt and I think that role is near enough to make him a solid Mance.  He has the right air of bad ass for a cause, just not your cause.

Vladimir Kulich:  I would love to see this guy as Tormund Giantsbane.  He is the actor from The 13th Warrior.  He is 6'4 at least and would certainly make a solid Tormund. 

Christopher Eccleston: would be great in the role of Qyburn.  In both Dr. Who and Heroes he brought something a little sinister.  In Dr. Who it reminded me of the little dark turns Tom Baker would sometimes do, I loved it.  I would love to see him as the mad scientist ex maester.

Bruce Dickinson: Yep Iron Maiden's singer.  I would like to see him in on of the bard roles, probably Tom Seven Strings.  But even one of the singers from Joffery's wedding feast would be nice.  Perhaps Fish could have the role of Marillion.

Viggo Mortenson:  I would really love to see Viggo as a cameo.  It would be a funny contrast to have video in a small evil role so I was thinking Axell Florent.  It wouldn't be a big commitment for Viggo and would be fun for fans.

Vladimir Kulich

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